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WRITE MORE LETTERS #reasons2write

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

This new campaign in collaboration with SWISSPOST was about the importance & value of // WRITING MORE LETTERS // and finding along the way your inspiration to find your own reasons to write


There are so many reasons you can find to write a letter to someone and it really doesn't always have to be for a special occasion.

But what I knew for sure, is that when Swisspost asked me to be part of this new creative campaign, I wanted to add a social impact behind this beautiful message. That's why I choose to combine the main message #reasons2write with the topics Women's Empowerment and the Sustainable Development Goals N°5, to raise awareness and at the same time spreading a global motivational message on social media to take action.

In the context of this amazing creative project, I also had the chance for the campaign's purpose to organize, plan and host an event in combination with the topic Women in Leadership, which was also part of the project and sponsored by Swisspost.

For sure, next to the more organizational and event management part of the Dinner where I was going to invite about 16 people, an important step of this whole campaign was to design and send personalized HANDWRITTEN INVITATION LETTERS for all of my guests, explaining the goal of the campaign with all details in honor of this special occasion.

Note to yourself: Why is it still so important to write handwritten letters and postcard? 💌 When you communicate this way and send a handwritten letter, like I did for the Dinner to my guests, it’s not only something very PERSONAL, but moreover you share AUTHENTIC EMOTIONS and feelings. It brings joy and HAPPINESS for the person who will get it. People will feel close to you. You also show people the value you got on them, because you took TIME to write down your thoughts on paper, you choose a special postcard. In my case, it took longer time because one of my friends was involved in the design of the personalized invitation letter and so the results at the end, makes you even happier when you could support the creative work of talented friends of yours. But anyhow, you wanted people to appreciate that moment of surprise when they receive the invitation and a letter, no doubt, it is something the person can hold in their hands, so there is definitely an emotional boundary behind this random act of kindness, right? You also have something physical, that you can even look back month later, as a memory to remember the good times you had.

Especially in today’s digital world with technologies, smartphones, instant message and with everything going so fast, we sometimes seriously tend to forget THE REAL VALUE AND IMPORTANCE of still taking time to write postcards, invitation letters for the people we love, our friends, family and role models out there #reasons2write because a message like that is long lasting in time.

And honestly, I was so glad to see how happy my guests have been after receiving the invitation letter I sent to them for this dinner edition. Everyone was spreading the message on their social media channels which made the whole campaign even more beautiful, and so other people out there could be remembered of the value that a handwritten letter in today's world can have. It's definitely something that should be done more.


Moreover time passed, I was coordinating all important steps to manage the upcoming event successfully. And in the meanwhile, I was also thinking about spreading the message of the campaign #reasons2write not only for my guests in the invitation letter, but also with a global challenge that could also be spread on social media to make it even more impactful.

Because in the invitation letter I sent to my guests, I also added the following statements, for them to be inspired to think more about this topic Women In Leadership and take action into WRITING A LETTER to a woman they admire.

1. Give 3 characteristics of a woman of impact in today’s society

2. What can we do to contribute to the SDG n5 about women’s empowerment and gender equality?

3. Who are your 3 favorite female role models and why?

So finally, I decided to extend the personal challenge I gave to my guests for the upcoming event in:


WRITE A LETTER to your Favorite Girlboss Woman, your Female Role Model, a Woman you admire, a Woman who adds value into your life, a Women who acts genuinely driven by purpose. Tell HER why she is an inspiration to you, why she motivates you to be a better version of yourself and to believe in the beauty of your dreams. Tell HER why she is representing a role model for future generation to follow. Send this handwritten letter to HER.

I was so excited about sharing this beautiful message. I really tried to take it to the next level and motivate people to write more letters, especially under the topic Women in Leadership and Women's Empowerment, which I choose to bring more importance in this campaign because it has such an important societal value, where each one of us can have an impact on.

Act with Purpose

WE ARE #WomenInLeadership What I was thinking about is also that if you join this movement, you value the beauty of giving women the chance to be the most beautiful version of themselves and make them voice count. Showing up that, this is the most ultimate beautiful way to spread for what you stand for and give the opportunity for true values to be shared. And really sharing authentic values in the way of a handwritten letter. This campaign was also meant by using social media as a tool to share a powerful message combined with a genuine act of kindness driven by purpose✨✨💫 Because one must willing to act & take action in order to bring change.

I wanted to show people that if they participate and share this project they also support a good cause which is worth spreading and has ethical substance.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your pen, take a postcard and write that letter.

// Make your voice count // .


Because I also wanted to bring a positive change in our society, and I was truly convinced about the power of creating a new norm and an inclusive culture giving WOMEN more visibility in decision making and leadership positions for the future years to come. As much when we talk about management, politics, technology and design of creative products. This initiative is also known as a new millennial goals from United Nations about #WomenEconomicEmpowerment #SustainableDevelopmentGoals #SDG5


The GOAL was to raise awareness about the topic WOMEN in leadership position in today's society. I wanted people to SHARE this challenge on social media when they write a letter to a woman they admire, a woman they wanna thank for the inspiration and for the value she adds in their life. WE ARE #WomenInLeadership Find your #reasons2write

Gift Bags with Writing materials for my guests

As I already said I got the amazing opportunity to organize, plan and host an event sponsored by SWISSPOST and inspired by the purpose of the new campaign // Write more Letters //.

And that's why, for the Dinner Edition in honor of Women in Leadership, I organized gift bags with many writing materials for all my guests, with personalized postcards to use for the global challenge and also to motivate them to be an example to follow and spread the message #reasons2write.

With the global challenge the goal was also that people could win them special edition of personalized postcards that have been designed by talented friends of mine in honor of Women in Leadership. The contest is still on, so don't be shy, write that letter, bring the change into taking action and share your message on social media.

Very grateful that I could bring together for this special event, talented, creative business WOMEN to empower and inspire each other, sharing personal experience. Building meaningful connection and this all into supporting the topic WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP.

And each one of the women I invited, was in a very authentic way spreading them values. Some of the women have their own business, some of them have that entrepreneurial spirit, some of them are working on creative project, are engaged in politics, have leadership positions jobs. And that’s where all starts, being a women who do, being a women who taking action for their life, being bold, generous, openminded and really kind of the next generation of role model for young women out there to follow, to be motivated to act toward a better future for all of us.

Hopefully I could with this creative campaign in collaboration with SWISSPOST, not only especially inspire my guests while the Dinner to take action and write that letter to their female role model but also to motivate other people with the message that has been shared on social media, to raise awareness about the topic women in leadership in today's society and send a beautiful HANDWRITTEN LETTER to a woman they value and woman having importance in their life.

So now send that letter, you have enough #reasons2write

Because every voice counts and can bring a positive change in our world.

Sincerely with love,

Rosalyne Marie Reber

Paid partnership in collaboration with #Swisspost 💫✨✨🌜

Bezahlte Partnerschaft mit #Swisspost

Special Thanks to the main sponsor of the event Swisspost

More informations about this campaign can be found here

Facebook: @swisspost

Instagram: @swisspost

Twitter (DE): @postschweiz

And thank you very much for all other partners

Invitation Letter Design by Nina Alexandra Werner

Postcard Design by Studio 89

Video Production by Onelove Production

Postcards sponsored by Creative Mind District

Postcards sponsored by Loeb AG

Beauty products sponsored by Jaclyn Cosmetics


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